Winnie the Pooh and Characters are copyrighted by one or more of the following:
Dutton Children's Books, Disney, and Trustees of the Pooh Properties.
I must stress, these are original patterns created by me
and not copies of patterns found elsewhere (from a book or leaflet, etc.).
I have personally created these patterns with hours and hours of hard work.
These patterns are not for sale! You are joining a Crafty Club in which my
patterns and other's patterns can be shared and swapped.

I share these patterns with you so that you may use them for your personal use.
Please do not take these Patterns to add to your own Website.
If you would like to make your Website visitors aware
of these patterns please provide a link to instead.

Please only use these patterns for your own entertainment and enjoyment.  
If you are caught trying to profit from these patterns actions will be taken.

Your membership to Piglet's Crafty Club does not give you the rights to share
your membership anybody.  Member's User Name, Password and IP Address will
be monitored.  If any member attempts to share or disclose their User Name
or Password with those who have not paid to become members, the appropriate
actions will be taken.

I have the right at anytime to deny access to Piglet's Crafty Club if I have
reason enough to believe the above Terms and Conditions have been broken.
I also hold the right to shut down Piglet's Crafty Club at any given time.
If I choose to shut down Piglet's Crafty Club, you will be given proper notice,
and enough time to download all available patterns if you have not already done so.

Once you have become a member there are no refunds.  All details of the
Crafty club have been outlined in these Terms and Conditions or in the
Crafty Club FAQ, be sure to read each carefully.

The goal of Piglet's Crafty Club is to share my already finished patterns.
Every person that joins automatically gets access to all of the patterns that are available.
I do try to add new patterns however it is not guaranteed that any new
patterns will be added.  Your membership fee is simply so that you can gain
access to patterns that are already finished.


July 1st, 2002